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Discover the most beautiful hairstyles of actresses suitable for any occasion.

Pettinature Attrici :

Let's discover together the hairstyles chosen by the most famous stars from overseas and see how their look has changed over the years. From the most eccentric and original hairstyles, such as those of cuts and colors that are anything but conventional, to the simplest and most traditional looks. All the most beautiful hairstyles from the red carpets and the most glamorous events, discovering the secrets of your favorite stars. Tutorials to reproduce a chignon or a fishbone braid, videos to learn how to apply a product or make a hairstyle. The stars who have chosen the helmet are now many! In fact, we can say that all of them have passed at least once since this short cut... Timeless hairstyle, it is increasingly chosen by women who want to dynamite their look by abandoning long cuts or half length, decidedly more angelic and classic. Personality is also affirmed through hair! That's why the carré is perfect, because it adapts to our cravings. Asymmetrical, climbed, paraded, short, with bangs or without, every woman deserves her helmet! When you think about it, the evolution of trends is also a matter of hair. And although long hair has long been considered a symbol of femininity, today the woman dares the short to give a new image of herself through androgynous cuts or precisely the helmet. Even the fringe, like the helmet is one of those timeless trends. Always fashionable, she seduces young people like more mature women. It is much more than a haircut: it comes in many forms to respond to all the shapes of the face, the personality and the desire to change every woman. Parade, straight, on the eyes or even bombed: the possibilities are endless! And if you want to get rid of it, we recommend how to hide it while staying trendy! The most classic and elegant hairstyle of all time is also very easy to achieve. The stars choose her for the red carpet and for everyday life, always combining glamour and practicality. Whether you have short, long, straight or curly hair, thanks to our advice you will find the chignon that is for you. From ballerina bun to messy chignon, the thousand versions of a diva hairdo!

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